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speech delay/apraxia moms---what do you think?

I have an appt scheduled for S to see a pedi neurologist. her SLP provisionally diagnosed her with childhood apraxia of speech. everything that I am reading online (I know, shame on me) is saying that the person to diagnose apraxia is the SLP and even though it is a neurological disorder a neurologist doesn't have specialized speech training that the SLP does.

when I asked the SLP if S needed to see a neurologist she said not unless I wanted S to.

what did you do?


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Re: speech delay/apraxia moms---what do you think?

  • They diagnosed my DS#2 with the "red flags for apraxia". (He only has 2 words, so not enough speech to truly diagnose.) This was done by the SLP at Mayo Clinic. We took him there for a neuro workup b/c of his huge speech delay. I needed for myself to make sure there was nothing wrong with his brain. There wasn't. And yes, apraxia is a neuro disorder/speech disorder, but it won't show up on any neuro test. We are now upping our therapy from 1x/wk to 3x/wk, moving to 4x/wk if there is no progress in a few months...of motor-based therapy. This on recommendation from Mayo SLP. Good luck, let us know what you decide!
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  • From a SLP's standpoint, I wouldn't necessarily refer a kiddo with apraxia for a neuro appt either...ILoveBoys is correct that while apraxia is technically a neuro speech disorder, there are no neuro tests that I know of that can diagnose it.  Currently, SLPs are the only professionals I'm aware of that can technically diagnose apraxia.  Now, if there were other neuro-related issues that I found concerning (gross/fine motor issues, etc.) then I'd think about making a referral to a neurologist...but it doesn't sound like your SLP is concerned about any of that.  Good luck with whatever you decide!
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  • I would say that if insurance covers, why not seeing a Neurologist as well. I took my DS as has similar problem and Neuro did not do much but we got peace of mind and they do 3 mnths follow up which gives you and doc a clear picture of DC progress. I would say it doesn hurt rather they might give u some tips and some areas to work on.  Also, I have observed that with my DC who has got speech delay/apraxia that pushing him to make b, p, th, ee sounds helped him to actually say words. Although, we wasted two months of  private theraphy with one SLP who was just talking him in the room while he was playing there. It just did not add any word to his vocab. So please find soon that what works best for ur DD as meeting different therapists with different styles can help. We are still very very much delayed but atleast I hear some effords now.

    GL with ur DD.

  • DS was diagnosed with apraxia of speech by his SLP right around his 3rd b-day.  I was told by a couple different SLP's that apraxia diagnoses prior to age 3 are not appropriate.  I see no need to take DS to a neurologist.  Schools do not accept medical dx, they have to do their own evaluations regardless of what a medical dr may find.
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  • We saw the neuro first, who first mentioned apraxia. Then an SLP who dx'd with "suspected" apraxia of speech. Dx turned out to be incorrect, but was very helpful in getting services. Her speech was upped from 1x weekly to 4x weekly-45 min. We also did private therapy with an SLP who specialized in "Prompt" therapy. It is the touching of the face & throat in certain ways to illicit sounds. I think it was good to see neuro, as he did order a bunch of testing to rule out things, seizures, allergies, genetic conditions. If your insurance pays ( ours didn't ), go for it. Get as much therapy as you can now!!! It will pay off in the end!
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