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who delivered at South Shore Hosp?

I recently moved to the south shore from Boston and we are TTC baby #2 this fall/winter. I am wondeirng if i should switch to an ob/gyn down that way? I delivered Baby #1 at BWH (ob/gyn in brookline)  and had a great experience there, but am nervous about now being an hour away w/out traffic. If I end up going into labor during rush hour on a weekday, forget it! It could take us 1.5-2 hours to get there! I've heard good things about South Shore, but am still nervous about making the switch. All private rooms or no?
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Re: who delivered at South Shore Hosp?

  • I did and I hated it.  I will not be going back there for baby #3.  I found the Maternity nurses to be worse than useless.  They would not come in and check on you unless you called for them.  I was there for 5 days and felt like whenever I needed help I was bothering them.  one time I called for the nurse b/c I needed help BF and it took her 30min to come into my room.

    I have many friends who delivered there and they liked it (most had a vag. birth and only stayed for 2 nites though).  I guess I just need a little bit more hand holding after I deliver and the nurses at SSH are not the type.  

  • Hi,

    I plan on delivering there in April.  I have had 2 very close friends deliver there, 1 c-section and another who had an extended stay both were very happy.  I orginally thought I wanted to go to Boston but this seems so much easy only being 15 minutes away.

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  • I delivered my first son at SS.  C section.  I liked it.  I delivered my second son at Brigham.  I was a scheduled section 3 weeks early so knew when I would be going in.  I liked them both.  I was high risk when I went to Brigham and that is the only reason I did not go back to SS. Yes, all the rooms are private.
  • I just delivered there in feb 09 and my sis delivered there in aug 09

    I agree with "some" of the maternity nurses were just awful but most were great  ie the nurse who D/C me and the one who came in every 30 to help me BF

    LDR was wonderful too!!

    Any specific ?'s PM me or email awadsworth0420 at yahoo dot com

  • I lived in Hull and delivered at the brigham, the drive was fine, but I had a horrible experience there.  I know quite a few people who have delivered at SS and loved it.  I thought that if I could do it over again i would deliver at SS, but I realize that where ever you go you could have a good or a bad experience, it just depends.  The only thing about the brigham is that children's is right there if there are any problems.
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  • Delivered 9/7/09 (vag = 2 nites) at SS and loved it.  The nurses I had were excellent (including the unfortunate one who came in only to check DD's biliruben and ended up counseling me through my first sleep-deprived/first-time mommy breakdown...  

    I do agree, however, that you can encounter a variety of personalities (shall we say) in staffing just about anywhere, but I found most at SS to be very helpful.  

  • I had a good experience at SS. I delivered my daughter in April 2007, ended up having a code white emergency C-Section. Other than that, the care and attention I received was great. I ended up in the biggest room they have on the maternity floor...not sure if it's because my husband works in the ER but it was nice. All rooms are private and during the time I delivered they were in the process of upgrading their NICU.?
    Three beautiful girls! DD#1 8-23-01 DD#2 4-25-07 DD#3 10-19-10
  • I just delivered there on September 5th. I was there for 5 nights/6days and I had only one nurse the entire time that I didn't like. Everyone else was so nice, attentive and helpful. I had the best experience from the pre-natal care thru the postpartum. The rooms are all private as well. I would highly recommend SSH to anyone to deliver their baby. I don't think that the Boston hospitals are any different and you don't have to drive thru ridiculous traffic to get there. I will say that I found the labor & delivery nurses more attentive than the postpartum nurses, but then again, you need the most attention in L&D anyway. Good luck in your decision.
  • I delivered there in December 08. ?i was in labor for 38 hours and had about 3-4 nurses during that time; they were all amazing and are what made me make it through my terrible labor. ?I had a midwife from the practice I was attending and she was the 1 out of 7 employeed there I did not like and HATED her, but that has nothing to do with the hospital.

    Good luck!!!?

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