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behavioral problems and your SN LO

How do you deal with behavioral issues?

DS is a great kid. He does pull my hair and hit my face. I have always thought of this as exploratory play b/c of his blindness and age I never worried about saying "No". Should I start? It doesn't bother me too much, but I also don't want him to continue this behavior esp for others.  I do pull his hands away when he grips my hair...

Re: behavioral problems and your SN LO

  • Obviously... I have no expertise in the particulars of your child.... 

    BUT for my own...  I try to step back and ask myself why I DONT want to do something like that. I would try to implement discipline in an appropriate manner for his development/ability if you can. IMHO it will be better for everyone involved in the future. If he can learn a little along, natural consequences it will be better. 

    It's hard. I hope that helps. 

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