Resources on drug/alcohol use and pregnancy?

We're going to our profile meeting this afternoon, and we have been looking over some of the situations we need to decide about being open/not open to, including exposure to a variety of drugs and alcohol. I've already discussed this briefly with our family dr, but am looking to do some research on my own. There is so much on the internet and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. I was wondering if any of you found some good sites to do some research.


Re: Resources on drug/alcohol use and pregnancy?

  • just wanted to say that in the begining I did my research, and we had decided we would not take meth babies.  When I got the call for my baby's placement, not much was known.  We got to the hospital took one look at her and knew she was ours.  Within minutes we were told she was born on meth.  There was no way we were walking out of there without her!  And thank the lord we didn't.  She is the sweetest baby I have ever met and it couldn't have been a more perfect match!  I seriously feel like it's a miracle.

    To answer your question, I just read up a lot on from personal experiences and that helped a lot.  I also talked to a pedi. and several social workers.  It's great to be completed educated on it, but I'd allow yourselves to change your minds on what you'll accept at any point if you feel the need.  We did, and I thank the lord for it.


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