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Looking for an opinion in order to continue a dialogue with my pediatrician. In your opinions, do you attribute your LO's dx with vaccine-injury? A good friend of mine believes her DD regressed and lost speech after her flu shots and my nephew after his MMR. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks.
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Re: Autism Mommies

  • I am going to ditto everything that auntie said!

  • Don't believe it's vaccines here. I DO believe that there can be environmental factors for some kids.... but my son has been who he is from birth. I have been through the 'why' phase and really just don't find good support for ANYONE knowing the 'cause' yet. 
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  • Ditto PPs.  Zach has been the way he is since he was a little baby.
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  • My ds never regressed, he was just slow from the beggining. So, we do not attribute his autism to vaccines. DD, 17 months old, has had all of her vaccines, even the MMR, to date and she is progressing just like a typical child.
  • Auntie, well-said as usual!

    I noticed *differences* in my son WELL before he got the MMR shot.

    You will forever be my best friend. I can almost feel our hugs. I will ensure everyone will know (now and in the future) what a genuine, kind, loving person you were...I already miss your laughter and our daily conversations. I love you, Samantha. May 20, 1983- February 20, 2012
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