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Success with Sophie !

ok, so most of you know Nicholas had his 3 month ped apt last Friday.  He also received his first set of vaccinations that day, slept all day Friday, pretty much all day Sat and was very grumpy the rest of Sat through this afternoon.  He is much better now, thank you for all your well wishes.  BTW - he's also starting to teeth, which I sorta knew (due to the drooling & biting) but didn't want to believe-LOL.  Obviously teeth will come much later, but it's the beginning and his gums are bothering him.  So I ordered a Sophie giraffe ..... everyone raves about her ....and he LOVES her!!!  He sucks & bites her and was squeezing her!  I was so proud of him!  YAY for Sophie !!!
image Nicholas Jacob born on 06/30/2009, 9.5lbs and 21 1/4" long Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker Joshua Scott 5.3lbs & Jonathan Matthew 6.2lbs, born 08/31/10 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

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