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I have a flame worthy confession to make....

I don't like my oldest nephew!  There, I said it!  My brother's oldest child is a complete idiot.  This boy is the same age as Pumpkin, but he is BAD....  My brother came to visit me today and brought the family.  Before he left, my nephew had talked back to his mom (multiple times), made a HUGE mess, jumped all over my furniture, terrorized my daughter, (I know what your thinking - normal boy stuff - wait for it) and tried to kill my Yorkie.  Yes - he dropped the dog from about 7 1/2 feet in the air to the hard wood floor.  Luckily my dog is ok, but it just cemented the fact that I don't like that kid!  Angry
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Re: I have a flame worthy confession to make....

  • you're SO allowed to feel that way. Just don't tell your brother and all is well. :-)
  • I have a step-nephew I couldn't stand, so you get sympathy from me!  He insulted my dying father while my dad was in the room, acting like my dad couldn't hear him... grabbed my little sister's freshly pierced nose and wouldn't let go until it bled, AT A WEDDING... stole money from my niece's piggy bank, lied about it, then acted like it was her fault for leaving it out when confronted with evidence... all when he was about 12.  There's other stuff, but it doesn't come to mind right away.  Some kids are just brats. 

    In my step-nephew's case, he was eventually sent to military school.  I've heard he's an okay young man, now, but I still can't bring myself to like him.

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  • That's OK. They're not all angelic - some kids seem little jerks just waiting to grow up. I think keeping it to yourself is probably a good idea. Your poor little pup probably needs to take a little rest out of harms way when they visit too!
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  • What a monster. I'm glad your dog is OK. Poor thing!
  • Poor little Yorkie!!!!  OMG! I'm so glad he/she's OK!  And poor Pumpkin for having a rotten cousin.

    At least you have a true reason for not liking your nephew. I don't really like my oldest nephew and mostly because I think he's a spoiled brat.  That and he's barely warmed up to me in the almost 3 years I've known him. I feel guilty for not really liking a 6-year-old who, overall, is a good kid?just a spoiled brat.


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  • I know it's difficult (especially considering what he did to your poor dog!) but remember that at that age, it's more about the parents than the child.
  • not flameworthy at all.

    None of us liked my one nephew for a long time- he's better now, but for a few years he was a little sh!t.  Just plain rude to everyone.  Now he's better and actually is really great with my older son- they have fun together. I'm so glad, because i felt bad I didn't like him.

    When he's in your house misbehaving, I'm of the belief that you can discipline him- since his parents either don't or he doesn't care when they do.  Next time YOU can tell him to sit out, or xyz... there is no excuse for him behaving badly in your home... and I would lock up your dog so he doesn't get hurt.

  • He sounds like a little snot!  It is completely okay to dislike him, but I probably wouldn't mention it to your brother.

    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
  • There was a kid at DD's bday party that I have always had an issue with (and I have a hard time remembering a lot of his personality has to do with parenting).

    My brother said to me, "Something about that kid..." and I finished, "Makes you think he'd deliberately hurt animals?" And he said yes. My brother works with children with emotional issues. Obviously, I felt both justified and even more freaked out.

    So, I hear you. I think it's okay to feel that way.

  • imageljlkm:
    I know it's difficult (especially considering what he did to your poor dog!) but remember that at that age, it's more about the parents than the child.

    Ditto this.  I'd be more upset with your brother for letting his child act that way. 

    DS1 age 7, DD age 5 and DS2 born 4/3/12
  • Perhaps the dog will remember this incident and BITE the little booger next time he visits...

    I would let my family members know how much the vet bill could be if their monster hurts your dog. 

    And requiring better behavior at your house is your right!

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