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2 1/4 hr labor & delivery

 resulted in an unplanned at home water birth for me!

Abrina Michelle was born at 37.6 weeks Thurs Sept 24 at 9:15am. She weighed in at 7# 9oz and is 20 1/2" 

I was home with DDs 1&2, realized I was in labor, couldn't get a hold of DH, thought I had more time so didn't rush my sister getting here. Contractions came hard, fast and one on top of the other.  I kept losing my phone.  I got onto the warm bath to relieve the pain and ended up delivering her right after I finally got ahold of DH. Called him back to say she was in my arms, he called the paramedics and my sister showed up.  She took my DD's to get dressed, I delivered the placenta, suctioned out baby, cleaned up her face and waited for the cops and paramedics to arrive to cut the cord.  They did, I got cleaned up, redressed and into the ambulance for our trip to the hospital.  DH, my sis and my girls arrived not long after I was checked in.  We both checked out just fine and only had to stay for 24 hours.  I have an extremely minor 1st degree tear- no stitches.  I feel great and Abrina is doing awesome- nursing like a champ and hasn't lost much weight at all.  We are home and can't wait till the weekend is over so we don't have company to worry about and so we can finally relax!

Re: 2 1/4 hr labor & delivery

  • wow more props to you  congrats
  • That's nuts!  But awesome.  Congratulations.  Not to mention you get to add "Delivering my own Baby" to your resume.  How many people get to say that?  :)
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  • OMG--im floored--how did you suction? i wouldnt know what to do!
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  • I had just found the nasal asperator the day before so I sent DD1 to get it for me- she knew right where the "suction thingy" was!  =)
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