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Ayva's scheduled for a G-tube

:(  I know it's best for her, but it still makes me feel like a failure somehow :(   It's in two weeks, October 8th.



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Re: Ayva's scheduled for a G-tube

  • I'm sorry you're feeling bad.  (((HUGS)))

    I know a few parents who felt the same way but the positive effects were felt immediately.  Not having the stress of "did they eat enough?" was liberating.  (We go thru this every night, but by the grace of God we're managing.) I think PMQ posted about this too.

    Keep us posted - good luck and Ayva has a warrior mom in you.

  • I hope everything goes well  :)
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  • I know how scary it is...I also can totally get feeling like I failure.  I felt the same way even though I knew it was the best for Owen.

     That being said I am so thrilled with Owen's g-tube.  It really was the best thing we have done for O thus far.  We never imagined how much trouble feeding and digesting would become and I am so thankful we got it when we did because it has been a lifesaver for Owen.

    It takes a bit of adjustment but you will be a pro in no time.  Best of luck with the surgery and please feel free to ask any questions if I can help!

  • So why the Gtube? What is their rationale? Is she not growing?

    Marley's DD wants her to get a Gtube too and we are resisting based on the fact that she swallows well, doesn't spit up, throw up, have GERD or diarrhea. She just isn't interested in eating.

    I'm sorry you have to go thru this. I hope that the Gtube works wonders for Ayva and she grows and develops by leaps and bounds! 

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  • I am so sorry.  I know you have been dreading this.  I hope that it makes putting her on the ketogenc diet managable.  Also, I really really hope that the diet works, and quickly.  (((HUGS)))
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  • We resisted the Gtube for a long time too, and now, I wish we would've done it alot sooner. Stella's tube has been a wonderful! She is growing like a weed, it's so easy and it doesn't bother her at all.  She has a congential heart defect and tires easily eating. She used to vomit alot and when she was 3 months old, only weighed 9lbs.  They put a NG tube in for 5 months and it helped until she was strong enough to pull it out. She still couldn't eat much so we opted for the Gtube and we are thankful every day for it. It's scary at first, but honestly it has helped her sooo much.  Nobody wants to put their child through surgery if it can be avoided, but if the docs think that a Gtube is best, then it probably is.  Good luck to you!
  • I'm sorry you feel like a failure - I swear we never would have made it without the g-tube!!!  It was so much easier to care for and keep clean, even put back in, then we ever imagined!!!  I hope it does wonders for Ayva! and takes a lot of pressure off you - it definitely brings piece of mind because you just know they are getting plenty of nutrition! 


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  • She isn't interested in eating :(  She is totally against solid foods (my theory is that she has to take so much medications by mouth that she is having an oral aversion to solid foods).   She is actually starting to lose weight- and since she's only 16 1/2 lbs- that's no good.
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