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Publix subs are the best..

Re: Publix subs are the best..

  • I agree 100% but now I'm in Canada and can't have 'em :(
  • I 100% agreeeee!! I had to comment cause I don't see too many post about publix! LOL..
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  • I am from FL originally and now live in NC (where there are no Publix's)... and its funny because the Publix deli is ALWAYS on my husband and I's places to eat when we go home... lame, but they really are the best subs...

    to not make myself so lame, when we went home this summer we got Publix subs for myself, my hubs, and my niece, then took my niece to the park for a blanket lunch and some play ground FUN! 

  • Yes they are, roast beef was my fav when I lived in Florida. Since moving to Rhode Island, there is nothing like them :( Nor do we have Chick Fil A...
  • We get them every Monday (DH and I eat lunch together every day and on Mondays at lunch we do our grocery shopping for the week)  I'm not a fan.  The bread is so hard, you could probably use it as a weapon.  The rest of the sub is great, but the bread kills it for me.

    Now Chick Fil A I could not live without!

  • Oh, I am soooo jealous! I miss a good Publix sub!
  • imagecmeon_the_water:

    The are great! And SO big that I really have a hard time eating half of one

    so does that mean im a fatty cuz i can eat a whole one?! lol thanks a lot..... Stick out tongue

  • ohhhh yummmmmmmmm........


    My doctors are huge "no deli meat" advocates.  I know it's stupid but I have been following their orders and haven't had a sub in months......There is a Publix right next to the hosptial and someone in my family is going to get me one of those subs as SOON as the baby pops out.

  • Publix subs have been my biggest pregnancy craving, mostly boars head turkey and american cheese. One night a couple hours after dinner right before the store closed I insisted we go get one. I can't help it. lol I love it. Most of my best friends are managers there and literally bring me one when they come over. It's quite entertaining and now I want one :( lol
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