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32w5d and I "dropped" today

Did anyones baby drop early but go on to be full term delivery?  Im a little scared in that she is on her way!

Re: 32w5d and I "dropped" today

  • I had my son in 2001 and I want to say that I "dropped" early with him. Of course that being my first pregnancy and nothing else to compare it to, I didn't know any different. But the ladies in my office would measure my belly from under my chest and could tell he dropped. I remember that was about a month or so before I had him. I didn't care, it was nice to have the extra space for my lungs.

    If you are concerned then call your OB and ask if that would be normal.

  • i dropped about this early...i think mine was closer to 30wks & i delivered at 37wk1d i kno that's 3 weeks before my due date, but baby was still full term...
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