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Baby Furniture Warehouse Back room?

I was told the Reading store has a back room - has anyone been to this?  How are the deals?  I would usually just go to the Braintree store but not sure if its worth the drive!



Re: Baby Furniture Warehouse Back room?

  • We bought our Ragazzi crib there a few years ago, before they went out of business.  I think we paid $300 for it?  So the deals are good if they have something you like. They're usually the floor models.

    I've been to both locations and I like the Reading store a lot more. 

  • BFW never went out of business. It was Boston Baby a few years ago that did!  Just an FYI!
    Oh and its a great store to shop in.  Great customer service and products!

  • I was referring to Ragazzi, not BFW...
  • Oh, sorry!!  I misunderstood your post!
  • I went to the one on Braintree whe I was PG to see what they had and IMO everything was way more then I was looking to spend on a single pice of furniture. Even some of the stuff was less at BRU.
  • yes! got our bonavita crib in the back room-great prices! Stan is very helpful.
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