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What to pay overnight nanny?

What would be a reasonable rate to pay nanny to stay overnight with 2 year old. Say 5 pm to 10 am the next day? Normal hourly rate is $15/ hr.

Re: What to pay overnight nanny?

  • I had an overnite nanny when I first had my twins. Her normal rate was $20 per hour but I talked her down to $15.  I think everyone is negotiable especially now.  Have you tried using the Help Company to get someone?  www.thehelpcompany.com.
  • Companies usually charge you a fee. When I had my baby I hired a nanny @ www.nannies4hire.com But be sure to do ALL checkings as they suggested... I did, and ended up hiring my 2nd choice!!!!!!!! Rates vary from $15-20. But there are some available for less, between $ 12-15.  good luck!

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