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Maternity and Newborn Photographer I love!

Hey all,

Just wondered if you had thought about getting maternity photos or newborn photos when your little one comes?  I've been looking around and found a great photographer in the Kansas area and I thought I'd share!  I live in Omaha but she's coming up to do my shots!  I'm super excited!  You can check out her work at  My pictures aren't scheduled until January, but if any of you work with her, please let me know!  So far my interactions with her have been great, she even encourages me to send her inspiration photos and other shots I like so we can get pictures I truly love!  Just thought I'd pass on the good idea and wondered if anyone out there had used her or were planning to!  Thanks!

Re: Maternity and Newborn Photographer I love!

  • Just wanted to add that another poster is calling me out as a vendor because I posted that Jeni did my wedding in the Kansas area "the Knot" board.  I was trying to help out local brides because I loved the work she did for my wedding.
    I have never used her as a maternity/newborn photographer,but loved her wedding work and that's why I was asking if any of you had used her or had heard of her in the area.   Just wanted to clarify-thanks for the help!
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