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country club casual for a wedding...

so I have a wedding sat. and the attire is country club casual.  I am not sure what to wear.  It is fall now and it gets chilly at night and the wedding is outdoors.  I have a black 3/4 sleeve dress I borrowed from my friend but I am worried it might be too formal as I would feel fine wearing it to a formal wedding.  Should I wear it anyway?  Also do you think black hose and heels would dress it up too much or should I try to wear no hose and flats?  Sorry I am just lost with this country club casual attire and don't want to feel out of place with my attire.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....

Re: country club casual for a wedding...

  • If I weren't pregnant, I'd wear a little black dress... so, that being said, your black dress would be fine. I don't think heels would dress it up too much, just don't go crazy with really nice accessories (plain earrings, hair down, etc.). That's the beauty of a black dress - you can make it work for any occasion. However, if you've got cute flats and they're more comfy, go that route and then you can balance with nicer accessories... does that make sense?

    (I interpret country club cas. as a step above business cas. and pretty much on par with cocktail attire.)

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  • I'd wear the black dress you borrowed and some cute flats. 
  • I always justify dress codes with...I would rather be overdress than underdressed at any occasion.  Just add some really cute flats...since you will be oustide and the heel may stick in the lawn anyway...and some textured tights could add a little "fun" to the LBD.
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