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Induction--can you eat?

They are going to bring me in at night to begin process after 6pm.  Am I able to eat again or eat breakfast in the morning before they start the pitocin or anything?  Or will I have to go from 6pm or so until after the baby is born w/out food or water?  Ugh, I am hoping that is not the case.

Re: Induction--can you eat?

  • I don't know about before they start the pit, but my guess is no.  Once you're in L&D, I imagine they won't let you eat.  Have a nice big dinner beforehand and good luck!

    Also, maybe you should print this out and bring it with you.  Maybe they'll let you have some juice or something.



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  • I went in at 5 am for mine and they scolded me for eating dr didnt tell me not to eat, so i did, but i didnt ask him.
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  • Depending on the type of induction agent that is being used the night your admitted, you might be able to have clear liquids until midnight then will be NPO after 12pm. Of course with that being said, it will all depend on you and your little one being stable and your MD's policies.
  • At the hospital I worked in most of the doctors would let you eat a snack that night and breakfast in the morning before induction was started.  Also, we always told people to eat breakfast before coming in for induction.  Ask your doc what their policy is.
  • I started pitocin at 8am and they had me order lunch when it was lunchtime. I guess it all depends!?
  • I was induced, but was under the care of a midwife at the hospital, so I was allowed to eat. 
  • I was not allowed too
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