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Birth in Water!

I would like to know if it matters to give Birth in water or the regular way?
A lot of people are telling me that its the same thing and I want to give Birth in water but now I don't know. I have 2 kids and I know how it is to give Natural Birth but I was just wondering how it feels to give Birth in Water. Please help!

Re: Birth in Water!

  • I had a water birth, but I have no comparison to wat a land birth would be like.

    To me it helped the most with being comfortable and able to move around easily while I was in labor.

    Also I birthed him squatting, and the water helped support me.  I wouldn't have been able to squat for that long on land, I don't think.

  • Thanks for the comment. It hepls a lot!
  • I had an unplanned at home water birth a week ago and it was WONDERFUL!  I had two previous hospital bed births and the water was SO much better!  I have always hated being on my back for delivery so the squatting in the tub was awesome- not to mention that the water took most of the pain away!  Two gentle pushes and baby was out of me and into a natural environment of warm water.  =)  If you CAN do a water birth I HIGHLY recommend it!  =)
  • Birthing in water also lessens your chances of tearing and/or needing an episiotomy.

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  • I want to have a water birth....when I get pregnant and eventually go into labor...*sigh* this is taking FOREVER!!
  • I am so happy for you...Congratulations!!! Thanks a lot for the comment and I will give it a try.

  • Oh ok...Thanks for the comment it helps a lot.
  • Oh ok...Wish you the best on that. Thanks for writing to me! I am going to give it a try.

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