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private OB vs midwife vs ? at Brigham and Women's

Brigham and Women's seems like the best place to deliver if you want both comfort and top notch medical care (I like the fact that husbands can stay 24/7 and you get private "home like" rooms etc.)  But I'm having trouble deciding whether to go to a private group practice associated with B&W, or the midwife service, or what.  I've read that midwife's do fewer episotomies than OBs, which I like, but the midwife practice seems to be focused on particular neighborhoods (none in Brookline) Also, I'm concerned that if something goes wrong, they'll call in a resident that doesn't know be very well.

I've read Dr. Ashley Ackerman's name (with Commonwealth OBGYN in Brookline) a couple times on this board, so I'm tentatively scheduled with her, but I can't seem to find out anything about her online. Does anyone have experience with her or with B&W midwives (getting care at the main hospital) that you could share? Any advice for someone who wants it all: the best medical care AND the most supportive birthing environment?

Re: private OB vs midwife vs ? at Brigham and Women's

  • I see an OB/midwife at Harvard Vanguard's Kenmore location.  They deliver at the Brigham.  When we were shopping for an OB, we were told that the problem with seeing an OB at the hospital is that you will usually see a resident.  A secretary at the hospital actually suggested we look into private practice, and that's how we made our decision.  We see the OB and the midwife (but could choose to see just one or the other each month), and most have the choice of who does the delivery (we're having twins, so our choices are OB, or OB/midwife combo).  GL!
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  • I second the pp's suggestion for the OB/Midwife practice at HVMA Kenmore.  I saw them during my pregnancy and delivered at the Brigham with one of the midwives on their team and have only really positive things to say about the experience.  Thankfully I didn't have any need for the midwife to call an OB, but it was my understanding that had they needed to, they would have called the HVMA OB on-service at the hospital.  Good Luck!

  • Dr Ackerman was my OB and she is awesome ( as well as the rest of the group) and doesnt do episotomies. The nice thing about a private group is that there are no resident involved in your care only the Dr's in the group. No last mintue to meet someone new if something were to go wrong.

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