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Do you let your kids jump on beds/furniture?

We don't but my friend lets her kids and every time they come over they jump all over the couches. It annoys me because she knows we don't let ours jump on furniture and I started thinking, "Am I alone here?"  So, do you let them jump?

Re: Do you let your kids jump on beds/furniture?

  • NO.

    B's friend was over last week and did the same on my couch and my bed. I'd be very upset with B if she did this in anyone's home. She knows better

  • Nope. 
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  • At home, on our furniture, yes. ?It's just not something I really care about.?

    At other peoples' homes, he is expected to abide by their rules. ?Some of our friends' kids do, so it's fine. ?Others' don't, so he doesn't. ??

  • No.  I mean, once in a great while, I will let her jump on our bed for fun, but that is rare.  She is not allowed to stand on or jump on any piece of furniture.  And if there are kids at my house, and they do, I nicely tell them, "we don't jump/stand on furniture here." 

  • No, never.  I think its ridiculous that she allows her kids to do it at your house.  The fact that she knows how you feel about it makes it even more rude.

    ETA:   If I was holding his hand, I would let him jump on our bed.  I used to be much more laid back about jumping on the beds, but he was jumping on his one day instead of napping and hit his head pretty badly.  I think he fractured his skull and he still has a hematoma under the skin a month later.  Now I'm much more nervous about it.

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  • I don't let them, but my 17 month does not listen. He thinks its funny. I keep telling him no jumping on the bed. He doesn't really do it on the couch. My 3 year old doesn't do it unless he see's his younger brother and he tries to join in.
  • I let him jump on our bed a little bit.  I used to love doing that when I was a kid.  he would not do it in anyone else's house.
  • Well, Jayden is currently jumping in his bed right now, instead of taking his nap! But he is not alloed to jump on our furniture. Does that mean he never does it? HA! Nope, he gets reminded not to jump on the furniture all of the time. If he does it at someone else's house, I respond the same way I respond and home and tell him to get down.
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  • I let DS jump on our bed, but he can't jump on other people's furniture. It's never been a difficult distinction for him.

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  • We used to. But that all stopped when DandR posted her pictures. It's difficult to get them to stop though.

    Yesterday I was getting the diaper bag ready when DS started screaming from the playroom. I went in and he was picking himself up of his little bounce and spin zebra. I thought he fell off that. He was screaming and holding his hand. I was trying to calm him down asking him what happened when DD was tapping me saying, "Watch this mommy!" She proceeded to climb up onto one of our over stuffed pillows that she had sitting on top of her picnic table. Then she was surfing on top of it. It clicked.

    I said, "Is this what Justin was doing?"

    "Yes! isn't it cool?"

    AHHHHH! I freaked. "No more jumping off of things. No more jumping on things. No more freaking jumping! Period!" I was way too harsh, but I thought he broke something. It didn't do a bit of good though, because she is still trying to fly off of stuff.

  • Nope. Every once in awhile I find her jumping on my bed, but it's very rare. There is no jumping on my furniture. It drives me crazy.

    We have friends who let their kids jump on their furniture and I tell them no jumping every single time they come over. I hate it.

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  • Nope.  We've got marble-top nightstaneds that would crack his skull if he tumbled off the bed.
  • On our couch, yes (he puts the back cushions on the floor next to it first, LOL), and I don't really "allow it" it he sometimes bodyslams in his crib during nap time (love the video monitor and seeing what he is up to). On other furniture or our bed no. At other people's houses, absolutely not.

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  • yes, but we do not let her jump on furniture/beds in other people's homes.
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  • We tell DD that she can only jump on her own bed.  She will still occasionally jump from the couch to the floor or something like that and we ask her not to.  And if we are somewhere that it is not allowed at all, we definitely tell her NO!
  • We have our mattress on the floor b/c we cosleep with the baby so I do let him jump on that.  But nowhere else.
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  • image veloelle:
    yes, but we do not let her jump on furniture/beds in other people's homes.

    This - he doesn't do it often but if he does it's short-lived anyway.

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  • I tell DS not to do it, but of course, he still does it.  We are working on this.  : ) 

    I wouldn't care so much at home, but I don't want him doing it other places and I am afraid he will get hurt if he falls.  Since I don't want to have two policies, we have a no jumping rule.  That is often broken.  He loves to jump on our bed, especially.

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  • She's allowed on our bed, on occasion, but not any other furniture. We haev to remind her A LOT.
  • Sometimes, I let him jump on the bed, he loves making a huge pile of blankets and jumping on it. BUt lately he has tried doing this BATMAN thing where he jumps off our our lazy boy onto the ground and does this roll thing and we always tell him no and he gets in toruble for it even tho our furniture is not that nice at all, I just don't want him to break an arm or anything and he is for sure not allowed to do anything like that at anyones else's house. So I guess just really on the bed he is allowed.
  • No, but there are frequent reminders - especially for their own beds.

    I have to tell my nephew and niece to not do it everytime they come over.  They are older and I think they would get it by now. 

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  • Hell no. 

    And it bugs the crap out of me when my friend's DD comes over to play with my DD and I have to tell her to stop jumping on the furniture.  When my DD sees her friend do it, she thinks it's acceptable.  I am pretty quick to correct that behavior.

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  • Never furniture, but occasionally I'll let them jump around on my bed since it's so big (I have to be in there to supervise though...of course they love it and can get kind of wild).  They are not allowed to jump on their own beds or anywhere else.  Neither of them would dare jump around on someone else's furniture.  Even if kids are allowed to jump around at home - they should be taught to NOT jump on other people's stuff.  It's just rude!
  • image summerbrideDC:

    At home, on our furniture, yes.  It's just not something I really care about. 

    At other peoples' homes, he is expected to abide by their rules.  Some of our friends' kids do, so it's fine.  Others' don't, so he doesn't.   

    THIS.  I don't think this is a big deal but we really don't have super nice stuff anyways so I really could care less if it gets scratched etc.  However, he needs to learn that every home is different and when we visit friends/family, we have to be respectful of their rules. 



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  • Sometimes. Jack sometimes likes to jump on his bed or our bed. I try not to have him jump on the couch, but he doesn't always listen. He is not allowed to do it at other people's houses though.
  • On the couches and such.. no. Although he does try to get away with it. I will catch him sitting on the back of the couch (it is up against our large front window) and he will plop (with an extra bounce) onto the seat of the couch. Drives me nuts. Although I am not as strict about his bed. I remember loving to jump on my bed. It was mine.. why couldn't I? haha. Plus he usually stands on his bed to try and be tall like me and daddy.. and wants to give us hugs standing up so he's tall.

    But the bed is our only exception.. and even then its not an all the time thing (it's not like he is jumping up and down on his bed everyday). every once in a while he will get that jumping bug..

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