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Elissa's Birth Story

Elissa Jamal was born on Sept 10th at 11:54 pm. 8lbs, 2oz and 19in. I gave birth to her at 38 weeks 2 days.

On Sept 10th at 7 am I woke up thinking that I just wet the bed. So I went to the bathroom and back to bed. About a min later a little trickle happened again. So I put on a pad and a towel under me and started to Google water breaking. My husband left for work at 7:45am before I told him what was going on (since I didn?t know). So after reading Google and thinking that it did break I called him and the doctor. I was told to go to the hospital to get checked. So I took a shower and called my aunt to come get me. I got to L&D, my water did break so I was checked in at 9:10am. At this time I was having no contraction that I could feel. I started to walk the hall and I was starting to feel the contractions. Whenever I would stop walking the contractions would stop. So at about 11am they started me on oxytocin (the same at pitocin). I really didn?t want to be put on that but I didn?t want to walk anymore because the hospital was SO hot that it was starting to make me feel so sick. So I was in my bed from 11ish to 2:30 without feeling any contractions. Then all of a sudden the contractions started very strong and about every 2 to 4 mins. I wanted to try to go natural but once they started and came on so strong I couldn?t do it. I got that wonderful epidural at 5pm and then everything was great. At that time I was 6-7cm.

I started to feel so sick around 9pm and at 9:30ish I was getting sick. At 10pm I was 10cm and ready to go I had to wait for the doctor. At 11pm I started to push. It felt so good to push. Once the baby?s head was out they told me not push as hard and then right at that moment I started to get sick again, so the rest of her came out and a little too fast. My husband was making sure that everything was okay with me since there was puke everywhere that he didn?t get to cut the cord. I had a small tear from when I was getting sick because I wasn?t to be pushing that hard. Elissa made her arrival on Sept 10th at 11:54pm - she was 8lbs 2oz, 19in. Elissa is doing really good. She is an excellent sleeper, eater, pooper so far. I just love her so much.


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