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Getting Scared Before Natural Home Birth...

Hey ladies!

I was wondering if any of you had a natural home birth. That's what I'm planning on having and I'm starting to get pretty nervous/scared. Don't get me wrong-- I feel confident that we're making the best choice for our family, but I'm still so nervous about the pain. Can anyone please link me to a positive natural home birth story, or share their experiences here? Any encouragement will be so appreciated. Thanks so much!

Re: Getting Scared Before Natural Home Birth...

  • Try searching this board for natural, I've seen a few recently... its not the most home birth friend board so there aren't many. I've read a handful on here and they are all very positive and wonderful stories to read! you can do this!
  • XP this to the Attachment Parenting board.  You'll get a few responses there.  GL!  :)
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  • I didn't have a home birth, but did have a natural birth and have several friends who have had wonderful home birth experiences.  I can't speak to the home part, but I will say that going natural is TOTALLY worth it.  Once you get to the pushing you forget all about the contractions, and at least for me pushing felt really good.

    Good luck to you - you can do it!!

  • I'm not planning a home birth, but I'm going natural and so I've been reading Ina May's Guide To Childbirth.

    She has a lot of positive stories in there, and statistics backing up home births, along with great tips on relaxtion and what can stall a labor.

    I checked it out from my library and I would suggest it.

  • Aww, you will do great!!!  I had my first baby in April and he was born at home.

    This is what I did to prepare: I read a ton of natural stories on the motherhood forums, I watched home birth videos on You Tube, I read Ida Mays book, and I visualized.  I imagined what the day was going to be like when I went into labor. Plans, etc...I also wroke an affirmation and put it on my mirror and my dashboard and repeated it several times a day.  It said "I am a healthy birthing mother. My labor will be quick and easy. I will give birth to a healthy baby"

    During the toughest part of my labor I pretended I was riding a wave with every contraction.  I took one contraction at a time. I really focused on relaxing my face and my kegel.  I told my body to open up and bring the baby down.  I think it really helped, and worked.

    You will do great! The fear of the unknown is scary. But you will have the best reward after all the hard work.  Good Luck!!

  • Assuming you have one, you should be talking to your doula! That's what she (or your midwife, I suppose) is there for! Let her do her job and really strengthen and encourage you in your choice. Good luck, I'm sure I'll be where you are soon enough! :)


  • You will do great.  Stay optimistic!  As long as you're in the right mindset, the pain is completely bearable. :)  One contraction at a time.
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