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Has anyone used a doula? Was it worth the cost to you? Did she really help you get the outcomes that you wanted. I really want to have a natural labor and am wondering if this is a worth it option.
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Re: Doula???

  • I didn't have a doula with my first PG because we were overseas at the time and there weren't any available. But I have been thinking about it for this PG. DH is a family practice doctor and he says that the evidence shows that having a doula increases your chances of having an unmedicated birth.
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  • I didn't for my first birth and I am for this one because I am attempting a VBAC.  Having a doula is supposed to increase my changes of this and every little bit helps!  It also takes a bit of pressure off of DH so he can also enjoy the moment.

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  • Not only can a doula offer the emotional support you will need, but she can offer ways to try and counter-act any pain you might feel during labor...using various massage techniques, or keep you focused and keep you relaxed.  She can also be an added advocate for you if you are doing a hospital reminding the nursing staff to not ask about pain levels, or whether you want an epidural, etc.

    I did not use one with my daughter in '08, but I have just hired one for my   next delivery this Christmas.  The one I have is trained in Hypnobirth as well as Reiki massage, etc.  Really, a doula can't hurt!  Good luck!

  • I had 2 doulas, they are friends so they didn't charge me, but I would have paid pretty much anything for their support.  I labored at home (got to the hospital 10cm dialated) and even though H was helpful, they knew what to do without me having to tell them,   It was also nice to have "extra" people there.  I had a natural VBAC and I don't think I could have done it without them.  Totally worth it!
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  • Pick up a copy of "Birthing from Within" from the library and read section on doulas. They reference a great study that compared interventions, labor length, c-section rates for non-doula births an births with doulas.

    This is my first pregnancy but we are excited to have a doula. We are paying quite a bit for her ($1000) and get a few pre and post visits as well as the labor assistance. She has also loaned us books and DVDs. I'm excited to have the guidance as I want to labor at home as long as possible and also to have it be a positive experience for DH and I.

  • Yes yes yes.  I did not have a doula with my first child and really regret it.  I did with my second and you can read about my wonderful med-free VBAC below.  I really don't think I would have had a c-section the first time if I had a doula.  And the c-section was WAY more expensive than a doula, even after insurance.

    Worth their weight in gold, imo.

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