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L&D with a bad back

I know i still have time, but i just keep thinking about it & i have to wait to discuss this with my doctor(in 4 weeks & prob wont get a direct answer right away) to discuss this with the other doctors.

But in November 2008 I was in a bad car accident which chance fractured(crack the whole bone the whole way through) my L2 & L3-L5 was just cracked but my ligaments all stayed in placed & attached, they just swelled. I also had small internal bleeding that just bruised. I was in the hospital for a week then afterward i wore a back brace for a while, but now I'm fine. && I never had to get surgery.

Anyways, I'm due in January 28 2010; (yeah, bad time to get pregnant after dealing with that car accident) & wondering if vaginal birth is even to bother asking or even to get a epidural. I have tried to look online, but can't find anything. My doctor by just hearing the story but hasn't directly looked at my medical file yet for my back; says right now only a C-section, but she's not sure with a correct answer yet. I don't have a problem with that, it's just i wanted to experience a vaginal birth. Thank you for anyones help.

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