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Any 1st time moms have an extreme fast L&D?

With my 1st I was 1cm 75% at my 36wk appt.  At my 37wk it was the same.  At 38wks I was 3cm 100% effaced and L was at stage 1.  (low)  I was induced at 38wks 3 days.  Walking into the hospital I was 4cm 100% and L's head was as low as it could be without falling out.  (well that may be and exaggeration but still really low)

Through all of this I felt amazing, like I was 20wks pg.

Once in and admitted I was given cervidil and slept for 3hrs.  At 4:00am on the dot my dr. broke my water  I was 5cm.  Still at this point no contractions, pressure etc.  He told me to go back to sleep and wait until my contractions started.  He was on his way to the gym.  (in the hospital) 

Not 5 seconds later my contractions started.  Felt like period cramps.  Scared my sister with my excitement.  She thought I was in pain.  Nope.  He came in and wanted me to get my epi and go to sleep.  (they were next door doing an epi) So I got it and he stuck around, held my other hand and rubbed my back.  Dh held other hand and rubbed my head.  I was like..."im doing fine guys...Im not in 1 bit of pain.  Relax"  It really didnt feel real.

Dr checked me and I was 10cm.  Yeah, 5-10cm in 10mins.  Dr RAN out and nurses ran in.  Out came the warming table and all the "stuff" for the dr.  He came back in halfway wearing scrubs.  (he was in a sweat suit until then with just a scrub top when he broke my water)

My 1st push Landons head crowned.  2nd push, head out and 3rd push body was out.  In all it was 41 mins of labor (15 or so was waiting for them to get things ready) and 11mins of pushing on 3 contractions and Landon was born.  7lbs 2oz 20in at 4:41am 

It felt like a dream.  I didnt rip, tear or have to be cut.  The warming table was still cool when he was born so they wrapped him in 3 blankets and then a warming blanket until the table warmed up.  :)  I held him anyways so it didnt matter.  

Of course this is 4yrs later.  I just never posted a birth story.  Didnt really mean to now.  Just wondering if anyone else had a super fast L&D?


Re: Any 1st time moms have an extreme fast L&D?

  • My labor was super fast too.  I got to the hospital at 11:45 PM and gave birth at 1:09AM.  No time for an epi and two pushes.  It was so amazing.  I can only hope that when I get pregnant again, it will be just as great.
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  • I got there around 11:50 and gave birth at 1:27. No time for an epi. I went from 4 to 9 cm in a half hour.

    Scary fast! But I wouldn't have had it any other way :)

  • We live a long way from the hospital so at the first sign of anything DH was making me go it.  We arrived at 9:30 but I was only at 3cm and had been for a while so they didn't think it was labor but since we live so far away they kept me.  At 11pm I was at 6 so they kept me and then at 12:56 I was holding DS I pushed for 19 min but for sunnyside up that is fast.
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  • Mind if I ask why you were induced?


    I'm worried about a fast delivery - I'm already 4-5cms, 80% effaced and 0 station, with very little real contractions.

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  • My cousin did.  She was making progress for weeks without actually going into labor.  It finally got to the point where her OB wanted to induce her because she was at 6cm & he was afraid she wouldn't be getting to the hospital in time when she finally did go into labor. 

    Her water was broken for her induction & her L&D lasted about three hours with maybe 15 minutes of pushing, lol.  She planned on getting the epi but went too fast for it.

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