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Pediatrician in Trinity/New Port Richey

Hey all! I'm looking for a pediatrician in the Trinity/New Port Richey area and wondered if anyone had any recommendations, very few of my friends have children and those who do use Dr. Riquetti, any insight on his practice would be greatly appreciated as well!



Re: Pediatrician in Trinity/New Port Richey

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    Hi there,?

    ?My husband and I are expecting our first in just 37 more days! I'm going with a great practice called Babies and Beyond Pediatrics. They have an office in Spring Hill (where we are) and New Port Richey. When I first moved to FL almost 12 years ago, I went to Dr. Bain throughout middle and high school. I feel comfortable bringing my son to the same place. Hope this helps! All the best!


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    Dr. Dwyer is an NPR pediatrician.  He was my dr. from the time I was 2 until an adult and I plan to take my LO to him too.  His office is on 54 and also has another office in Palm Harbor.
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    I just now saw your post and I see your baby is 2 wks old so you probably already have one...my daughter goes to the same practice that Dr. Dwyer is with.  Her dr is Dr. Mitchell and we love him.  She's seen Dr. Hennessey who my friend adores and I believe the last time we went, she saw Dr. Dwyer because it was a last minute sick appt and Mitchell was booked the same day I called.  Dr. Dwyer is wonderful too!
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    Dr. Riquetti is a great doctor, but he is not strictly a pediatrician. He's a family practice doctor, and I've been going to him myself for years. My sister took her kids to him until she moved out of the area, and she was definitely happy with him. He is quite patient, and unlike other doctors I've seen, he never talks down to you or anything like that. 
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