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anyone use Femara? my doc is switching me from clomid to femara. any success stories?


Re: Femara

  • I did 6 mos of Clomid at different doses with no luck and got PG my first month with Femara.
  • Yes! He put me on Femara, 2.5 mg (1 pill for 5 days) and it worked - 1st try!!!!!!! I heard that it is safer than clomid with no side effects. Plus it is completely out of your system by the time you conceive. I hope this helps - good luck to you Smile
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  • was on 2.5mg for 5 days, and also got preggo on first cycle :) I'm about 5 weeks 3 days:) good luck!!
  • I got pregnant with #1 and 2 using femara.  Good luck!
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