Anyone from MN?

I have started thinking about adoption and want to gather some info to talk with my husband about.  If you can recommend an agency or anything that would be helpful for someone who is just starting to look into options I would greatly appreciate it!



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Re: Anyone from MN?

  • We aren't in MN, but we used Children's Home Society and Family Services in St. Paul as our placement agency for DS#1. They have a number of programs, both domestic and international.

  • I'm from Minne!  We researched a few different agencies. Childrens Home Society, Lutheran Social Services, Hope Adoption Agency, Catholic Charities, and the agency we chose Adoption Minnesota. I am a social worker so I have had experience with a few of these agencies. We love our agency and the people who work there. is our agency

    Look into the MARN website if you are interested in adopting from the foster care system.


    Let me know if you need anything else. It is very exhusting looking into everything!



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  • Hello!  I'm from MN-DH and I currently live in ND.  I'll send you a PM with our agnecy info.  GOOD LUCK!!!
  • Childrens Home Society & Family Services in St. Paul, MN.  They are the largest agency and are very reputable reputation with the countries they work with.  And they have domestic adoption as well.  Good luck!
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