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What does a kidney infection feel like??

What are some symptoms of a kidney infection?
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Re: What does a kidney infection feel like??

  • Lower backache off to the side I know can be one symptome.

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  • I have a dull ache in my lower right back...


    My doctor did a urinalysis today at my appointment, wouldn't this have shown up??

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  • When I had a kidney infection, I felt like I was dying. I couldn't lay down, I puked from the pain,my side hurt, and it felt like I broke my back. IDK if it would show up on a urinanlysis...I went to the ER and they had me pee in a cup and also did blood work. not sure which gave the result.

    I hope you dont have one. They are MISERABLE.

  • Your lower back will hurt...and possibly swell if not treated. 
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  • I've had one before. It will feel like someone is stabbing you in the back and you basically can't move. I hope you don't have one! But, the good news is that once they give you the meds it goes away almost instantly!
  • If you have to ask then you don't have one.  Everytime I get one I feel like I'm dying.  Plus, that type of thing should have shown up on UA.


    If it's just a dull ache you may have a small kidney stone moving.  Mine feel like that until they start disrupting the kidney function- then they hurt like a mother!  Non-obtrusive kidney stones won't show up on a UA either.

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  • I agree with PP that you'd know if that's what it was! I had one in college, and I thought I was going to die, my back hurt so much. I could barely even walk, my roommate had to help get me to student health. Not a pleasant memory! Pretty sure mine was diagnosed via UA.

    Hope you feel better! 

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  • I used to get these a lot before I had surgery to fix an anatomical issue.  Yes, you get crippling mid-to-low back pain; it could be difficult to walk.  You would probably have a fever and feel generally ill, almost flu-like.  You may see blood in your urine, but not necessarily.  Bacteria or blood would have likely shown up in your urine sample, yes, but it depends on what that office tests for.  GL! 
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