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Anyone go to Illinois Masonic in Lincoln Park?

My normal doctor is at Illinois Masonic and she referred me to the group of OBs there. I don't know how to go about looking for an OB. Does anyone have experiences they'd be willing to share from there?

Re: Anyone go to Illinois Masonic in Lincoln Park?

  • I go to an incredible OB that is on staff at Illinois Masonic; that is where I will be delivering our baby in March.

    I used to work in the medical field for ten years, and from my experience, there Dr. Nelson Lehrer was always the best! Then it became more personal about 5 years ago when my sister went to him after trying to conceive and miscarrying 3 times.  Dr. Lehrer was brilliant and caring. She had her first baby 9 months later, and then one more a few years later.

    Three of my girlfriends also went to him for their pregnancies; one of which travels all the way to Chicago from Aurora just because we know he's the best!

    When we found out I was pregnant 3 months ago, I immediately knew who my OB would be. We don't live in Lincoln Park and we knew it would be a little inconvenient to go there for each appointment and all, but it is definately worth it. I highly recommend him, without any reservations whatsoever!

    Dr. Nelson Lehrer, office phone: 773-478-0700

    Good Luck!

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