A little thought for 9/11 (kinda long)

Many of you have heard my story: 8 years ago Aug 28th, my first daughter K was born. On Sept 1, 2001 we were both discharged from the hospital, and I went to my home and she went to her adoptive family. The adoption took place in GA. For those not familiar with GA adoptions, there is a 10 day rescind period for the birthparents. If the 10th day falls on a weekend or holiday, it goes to the next business day. My 10th day fell on a Sunday, so my last day fell to Monday, Sept 10, 2001.

Obviously, I did not rescind my decision. While I was sad and wished K was with me, I knew we were both better for it. The next morning at 8am, my mom called me from NC and said "Turn on the TV!" I turned on the tv and of course saw the towers fall. I died that day. I not only lost several family members in NYC, I had lost a daughter. I was a crumpled mess on the floor.

Now, 8 years later as I reflect on the events, I truly tell myself that things happen for a reason. I know the events were horrible, and I feel for anyone who lost friends and family on those planes, in the Towers, and Pentagon. If the attacks had happened on Sept 10th, I would have been on the phone to the agency right then and told them I changed my mind. But the attacks happened one day later, simply 8 hours after my recind period ended. Things happen for a reason, and I know that Sept 11th happened when it did so that I could do what I needed to do and we could both be better for it.

Re: A little thought for 9/11 (kinda long)

  • I completely agree that everything happens for a reason.  We did 4 years of IF treatments and had one failed adoption before Ben came into our lives. I know God was getting us through all those times to get to our child. 

    I respect you so much for your decision.  You are so giving and wonderful and I hope you know that.

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  • Thank you so much for sharing your story.  I love having you on this board.
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  • "Everything happens for a reason" is a quote that I live by and think is so very true!  Thank you for your story. 
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  • Your story gave me chills.

    I am so glad that you are able to have such a healthy perspective.

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  • Wow. That is an interesting situation.  I agree with you.  Things happen, but one thing I've learned about life through this process is that life goes on.  It truly does.  And the life you gave your daughter is the best one you could give at the time.  I admire people who do what is necessary over what they want/need. 
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