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NW Suburbs - prenatal water aerobics

I just started prenatal water aerobics classes at the Wellness Center at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights.  They are currently running on Thursdays after work, but have promised to offer Tuesdays as well if more folks sign up, so I'm spreading the word.

I did water aerobics with both of my previous pregnancies (not a pre-natal class, just regular water aerobics) and found it a great way to get a little exercise and relieve from aches and pains.  Just floating in the water before class was worth it.

This time, in a pre-natal class, I'm actually meeting people my own age who are moms to be as well.  In fact, I seem to be the only one in the class so far who's already a Mom.

So please join us if you can.  Call the Wellness Center at 847.618.3620.  You don't have to be a member, it's a separate class anyway.  $10 a week for one class.  Currently Thursdays from 6:10-6:55pm, but tell them you are interested in the Tuesday class at the same time so they will open it back up!  They say we're welcome to come early and use the pool, even though we aren't members, though we have to finish on time because of another group coming in.

More Information at: <https://www.nch.org/wellness-facilities/wellness-center/classes-programs.php&gt;

Hope to see some of you there!


Re: NW Suburbs - prenatal water aerobics

  • Do you have to commit to a certain amount of classes or do you just show up and pay?
    Lilypie - (JLjB)

  • New session is starting next week, and they tell me they'll run it twice a week this session (Tuesday and Thursday)  They also have prenatal Yoga on Wednesdays, but I haven't done that.

    To answer your question, you sign up for a session and pay at the beginning, but you can sign up in the middle of a session and they'll only charge you for the remaining classes.  I am told they will pro-rate the classes for me if I sign up for this coming session (baby is due before classes are over) but I don't yet know how they plan to work that out.  I left a message for the coordinator today.  Her voice mail says she's out of office until Monday.


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