2nd Trimester

It's going to be a long 25 weeks with my mother!

I know my mom is just excited, but she's driving me nuts. ?I would love to avoid her calls but then I'll start getting messages telling me I'm avoiding her. ?She always calls me right when I walk in the door from work, which drives me crazy too. ?Today it was:

Me: Hello?

Mom (in a high pitched baby?squeak?voice): Are you feeling the baby move yet?

Me: Nope.

Mom: You're not? ?

Me: Nope, sorry to disappoint you.

Mom: ?I bet you will next week. ?Are getting a round belly yet (in the annoying voice again)?

Me: Nope. ?It's still pretty much the same.

Mom (In the annoying voice...again): ?Are you looking at baby clothes?

Me: Explaining to her AGAIN that since we're moving across the country in two months, we're not looking at or buying anything till we move.?

?It goes on with her asking me stuff in this annoying baby voice and me constantly telling her, "no". ?With every conversation she tells me I'm having a girl. ?I have to keep telling her that we don't want to know what we're having so I'm not going to talk about it. ?And she keeps insisting that yes, she knows that, but she still wants me to know I'm having a girl. ?Then she starts to talk to me about pretty girl dresses and "don't you want to have a little girl so you can dress her up?" ?I told her she's making it sound like I have a choice on what I'm having and I'm choosing to not have a girl. ?Then I said she's going to have to wait 25 more weeks to find out so she's only going to drive herself crazy. ?To that she says, "25 weeks? Huh?" ?I said, "yes, 15+25=40 weeks."?



Re: It's going to be a long 25 weeks with my mother!

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    lol wow. thats one excited gramma! but i can see how its annoying. tell her nicely that its bothering you or just grin and bear it until the big day!

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    That would drive me mental.

    I can't bare adults talking in baby voices to other adults.

    I understand her being excited about the baby and askig about if it's moving yet but really, she sounds like she's in Grandma overdrive.

    And shame on you for picking a boy baby!!!n :-) 

    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

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    Seriously, are you my long lost sister?? Your mom sounds exactly like mine. I'm also lucky enough to get, "Wow, you're still getting m/s? I never got sick. You should try thinking positive."

    I feel your pain.

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