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Little Company of Mary or Torrence Memorial??

Any opinions?  Im torn between Dr Pinkus (delivers at LCOM) and Dr Nahgi(he delivers at TM, unless your insurance requires LCOM).  Thanks!!!

Re: Little Company of Mary or Torrence Memorial??

  • I am not delivering at either, but we do live near them both and we always go to LCOM when we need to go to the emergency room as we were not impressed with TM.  Labor and delivery may be a different story, but overall I think LCOM.
  • I've never given birth a either however I have been a patient at boh....I'm having my baby at LCOM because the service and staff was 1000 times better than TM.  :)
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  • mdaffern- Can I ask who youir OB is?  We just moved to the area-so Im kind of starting from scratch.  Thanks!!
  • My Doc is Dr Nahgi...I had no idea who to go with and someone on this bord recomended this doc. Today I have my first prenatal visit, so far the staff has been really nice and accommodating. I'm going to deliver at Torrance Memorial, my experience their has always been great!
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