'Buzzy' to take the pain out of needles?

I read about this in a magazine a few months ago. It take the pain out of needles. It is $35. Google Buzzy and it will come up. What do you think? 
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Re: 'Buzzy' to take the pain out of needles?

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    I think it is great for kids and may be a distraction if nothing else for them, but a bee on my arm would have done nothing for me.They mentioned distraction tips on the website, which I found affective. If you are not focusing on the needle, it doesn't seem to hurt as much. Have H give you the shot so you can distract yourself if you are worried. On blood draws I would focus on something in the room.

    I see you are starting you first injectable schedule. I can assure you that you will be plesently suprised at how little the sub Q shots do hurt (this is coming from a needle whimp). The first one was always the hardest, but once you get through it, you will discover how easy it is. Good luck

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    I always found that if I did the shot, I was more distracted by doing the shot properly and that kinda took my mind off the actual initial poke of the needle. I find that its the medication burning while injecting is more uncomfortable then the actual needle stick.

    Honestly I would save my money and if you are really concerned about the pain, then I would Ice the injection site for a few minutes before you clean the area and then do the shot.

    I've had my dh do my Novarel shot IM in my butt and I was freaking about letting him do it. I iced it for llike 5 mins prior to him doing it, and I never even felt him put the needle in!

    Good Luck to you!


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    Thanks...I was just curious. I probably won't buy it. I will just use an ice pack!
    DS born 7.30.11
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