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When is it okay to tell family?

I am only 6 weeks pregnant, and haven't even announced my pregnancy to my family because I'm afraid of losing the baby, and then having to tell them I'm acutally no longer pregnant so we are waiting until 4 months to tell them. My question is when is it safe to tell them? I am assuming 4 months but not sure. Also when can you start shopping for baby stuff?

Re: When is it okay to tell family?

  • I'm really close to my parents so I told them at about 5 weeks when I found out. I figured I would want their support if something happened. Others I waited until I was 12 or 13 weeks to tell.

    As for shopping, it's so tempting to start buying stuff, but I would try to wait until after a baby shower (if someone thorws one for you) because people LOVE to buy baby stuff. You could end up with way more stuff than you need. GL!

  • My whole family knows and I am only 7 weeks pregnant. Although a few friends recommended that we wait until our 12th week, we wanted our family and close friends to know before I told my co-workers, which I will be doing next week. Although I know that 7-8 weeks is early to be telling "everyone", I work with students that do not know their own strength (in previous years, I have been grabbed, pushed, pulled, hit, kicked, etc. - I need the rest of the staff to be aware of my condition so they can provide the additional assistance I need).  I know my situation is different than others, but it has given me a valid rationale for spreading the word early. 

     My sister told everyone the moment they found out, as did my cousin. Neither miscarried.  Their purpose for telling everyone is because, although it would have been difficult to inform others of a possible miscarriage, they both said they would have wanted all the support they could get.

     Good luck and best wishes!

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  • We told immediate family (parents & siblings) after our first OB/GYN appointment at 8 weeks.  Everyone else, we waited until I was out of the first-tri.

    I started buying stuff in my 2nd-tri.  The first big thing I bought was an infant seat and stroller from albeebaby.com :)

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