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hi CF moms glad to see this board!

either i am afflicted with pregnancy brain or they just added this board! when i went on a few days ago, i noticed on the "in your area" map there was only a listing for miami and tampa!

2 yrs ago when i was preg it was the nestbaby, glad to be back :)

Re: hi CF moms glad to see this board!

  • I just found this board too!  Doesn't look like it's very busy, but glad to see there's a local option. 

    Gigi, how far along are you?  This is my first and I definitely thought my friends were joking about the whole "pregnancy brain" thing but whoa...now I know what they meant, haha.

  • I didn't see your comment...weird i have to bookmark this board I seemed to have lost it. I am 9 wks, and yes the pregnancy brain is in full force. it's weird, :)
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