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Full in Five Bites

I'm SO sick of this annoying side effect of pregnancy.  I am hungry all the time, and I sit down for a nice big dinner and I have five bites and I can't possibly eat anymore.  This was especially annoying when DH and I took our staff out to hibachi after our hugely successful open house weekend.  I wanted all that food so badly and I couldn't finish it.  Makes me slightly worried about baby getting enough nutrition.  I'm definitely eating less now than I did before I got pg, and it wasn't like I was a pig then either. 

But mostly it's just annoying - I'm a closet fat kid and I want ALL the food!

Re: Full in Five Bites

  • I know what you mean.  My tummy growls regularly, but I can only manage a few bites and I'm done.  Numerous food aversions only aggravate the issue.  

    I wonder when this stage will be over???

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  • That was totally me too. During wks 9 and 10. Right now its so much better, one day it just went away. I am so happy though, I hated that feeling too!! It will get better, hang in there.

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  • I had this problem from about week 10 till about week 15. It'll go away eventually, but it sure sucks when there is good food around!
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  • I'm in week 16 and am still like this.
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