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I know I've seen this topic on here before, with some great ideas, but I can't find it at the moment.

What can I do outside of the house (besides playdates, strolling Target/the mall, going to a friend's, etc) by myself with the duo?

Obviously swim classes, Gymboree, and things of that nature are out unless I can find weekend classes and DH can come with us.  I would like to do some kind of class or similar activity during the week though, but can't seem to find anything.


Re: activities outside the home

  • I'm assuming you're looking for indoor stuff...Our library has a baby storytime which I started w/ the boys b/f they could even sit up on their own.  And now that they're totally mobile, it's great b/c it's in a closed in room and it's acceptable to let them run around.  If a the library doesn't have them, check into local bookstores.
  • What about going on walk & see if your local library has a baby time or does your park district offer any playgroups or classes?
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  • i do stroller strides a few days a week - it's more for me than the boys at this point but they do get to socialize with other kids and I get to talk to other grownups which is nice.  You should see if they have it in your area:   Good luck!
  • Classes arent out, you just have to make sure they are multiples friendly.  We did kindermusik, infant storytime starting at 6 months.  You just have to plan a bit.


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  • We used to go to the library story hour but it was canceled.  I also got a membership to our local aquarium and dh just got us a membership to the zoo.  The aquarium is always a big hit b/c of all the bright colors. 

    We go to the pet store I found one that will let the boys play w/ the puppies.  Have you tried searching online.  I've found a bunch of free local activites that way too.  Also what about farmer's markets. 

     Another fun thing is to play tourist in your town.  I've lived here for 8 years and am just now doing some of that suff.       

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