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Pregnant after a Loss

Bumping From Bed...

Wow, now that just sounds bad.

I ordered our dresser today. I hope we like it! We went with the graco kimberly. I really like the look and it was inexpensive. We tried to view a display at BRU this weekend, but they didn't have one up. Dang it! Oh well, I'm really excited to get it. However, it's going to be 3 weeks or so before it gets here. It isn't a big deal, obviously I have a long ways to go before we'll actually need it, but I am starting to gather little things like bibs, scratch mittens, onesies, etc...that need a place to go! Her closet is huge, but I'd rather put those items away in a drawer.

Yay! I'm so excited. The crib is up, the dresser/changer combo is on it's way. We're waiting to order the glider because my grandma said she would contribute to a big item. She usually over does it on baby gifts for family so that's why we purchased the two most expensive things, so she was faced to spend less on her gift. lol. And then DH's parents also mentioned getting a large item, so we think we'll let them get the car seat / stroller.

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