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Pregnant after a Loss


hey! right before I saw your response, i was checking to see if you had any updates!  Whats going on with you and your LO?

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  • We've been working on acupressure and visualization to try and get him out! I feel horrible for saying it after how much we went through to get him, but i want to be done being PG!! It seems to have worked a bit at least, I've had a few strong contractions so hopefully soon!! We see the doc again tomorrow morning, so we'll see if this week has made any difference. Last tuesday we were @ 2cm and 80% effaced. I've been to L&D once since then with contractions every 3-5 minutes but they weren't strong enough so home we came! I'll update after our appt tomorrow. How's bed rest going? part of me would like more rest but I think I'd go absolutely bonkers with being stuck in bed like that. Anything else I've missed? I haven't really checked in here for a while.
  • Bed Rest is NOT fun!  I hope you get good news tomorrow and we get to meet your LO soon!!! 


    Nothingreally new... MikkiSeptember and I are in the same boat - we're waiting.  :)

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