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Hey hun sorry I missed your post. Look into purchasing the digital OPK's and it will be much easier to keep track off. Also I have issues with the temps. I just know my body and try to keep track of where I am in my cycle! Good Luck to u!

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  • Thanks!  This is only cycle 2 so I am definately learning as I go:)  Its crazy the thing you notice about your body when you are TTC that you never paid much attention to in the past.
  • Ahhh yes, I break out when I O! I can tell when I am going to O just by my cm. I can't count on temps. Thanks to DH turning on fan at night I wake up real cold and shivering! So temps are all wacky! And this time we missed my O yesterday due to an argument! But I also forgot to tell you that the digital OPK's are more expensive, between $26-38 for 7 test! I need to boxes per cycle! All this stuff gets easier with time I been trying on and off for 2 years!
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