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What does a BH feel like?

I woke up this morning with a sore stomach, like someone punched me in the stomach it was just sore. I feel completely fine otherwise. It is starting to get better. But I just got this really sharp pain I can't figure out if it is a BH.

It was like a sharp pain going from my stomach down, would this be a BH? Or does it feel more like a cramp and not a shooting or sharp pain?


Re: What does a BH feel like?

  • I think it's hard for anyone to say what they feel like since they feel different for lots of women.

    Today, I was contracting at my NST and didn't even know it, but sometimes I'll wake up and my whole stomach feels like an intense pulling sensation-but doesn't get hard on the outside. So, there's a huge range there.

  • To me, BH feel like really bad period cramps and literally like my uterus is "contracting." Imagine that...

    BH seem to come and go for me though I've been getting them daily for a week or so now. It's not really much of a lasting pain/soreness but instead something that comes on strong and then subsides after a little bit.

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