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haha. This is going to sound rediculous, but here is my situation.  I am trying read New Moon and decided to have a bubble bath and some wine.  My DH doesn't drink wine therefore knows nothing about it.  I don't usually have it at home because I'm the only one who drinks it.

Here is the dilemma: I cannot for the life of me get the bottle open! I have a bottle opener and I have been tugging on it and pulling it and nothing. Any tricks?

Thought the BWIC might know a thing or two Wink

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  • Have you been able to pull the cork out at all?  When I'm really desperate I use my teeth, lol!  That's all I can really think of.  You should get an electric opener for the future.  So much easier.

    I'm sorry.  GL!

  • Maybe run the top of the bottle under hot water. That will expand it. Try not to get the cork wet, I would imagine that would expand, too. 
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  • New plan. Open a bottle of green tea. Ahh refreshing.

  • Is it one of those fake corks?  I find those alot harder to get out then the real corks.  Anyway, do you have the kind of opener that is shaped like a V.  It's just two metal sticks basically?  They always work for me when I get a hard cork.  Or I've also pushed a cork inside the bottle and then poured around it, but that's usually when the cork breaks or crumbles.  You could maybe try breaking the seal slightly if it's that sticky fake cork.  Run a knife point around the edge and then try again.  I hope this helps!!!

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  • try pushing the cork INTO the bottle. Its not ideal..but it gets the job done
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  • thanks everyone! I wouldn't mind pushing it I guess haha my ONLY concern is that i don't break the bottle. because that would suck!
  • I would say the the same, try gently pushing it into the bottle - when you have to have a glass of wine, you do what you need to do - haha!  Enjoy!
  • imagemrslafleur08:

    New plan. Open a bottle of green tea. Ahh refreshing.

    HAHA! Sometimes it's just not enough!

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