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I think we share a due date... March 12??

 How are you feeling?  I'm feeling pretty good.  I have my NT scan on Thursday so I am super excited/nervous.  Are you showing yet?

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  • Hi Kelli!

    We DO share a due date. Yay! How cool! I'm feeling great this week. I don't really have symptoms anymore, but last week I had a nagging headache all week long and all weekend too. I was thinking "oh no, is this what the 2nd tri is going to be like?". The headache was gone yesterday though, thank God. Today I felt great.

    Yay, yay, yay for the NT scan! You're going to have such fun. I hope your baby moves around a lot so the u/s can last longer. LOL. How are you feeling? Have you already told your whole family? I feel like we're sooo late to the game with telling everyone. We still haven't told yet, but we plan to this weekend.

    I'm not showing yet at all. My regular clothes still fit just fine. On the one hand, I'm looking forward to having a bump. On the other hand, I like that none of the people I work with know so I don't have to deal with being asked tons of personal questions or being subjected to everyone's two cents about being pregnant. Are you showing yet? Have you bought anything for the baby yet?

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  • I'm feeling pretty good.  Besides sore boobs, tiredness, and my face breaking out I really dont feel any different. 

    We have told our families and close friends but none of our extended friends know or my boss at work. After the NT scan I will tell my work.  On the 13th I have a baby shower to go to and quite a few of our extended friends will be there so I will share then.  After that I'm going public on FB!  I dont know why I am excited about outting myself on FB, but I am.  I guess because I'm SUPER excited and want the whole world to know!!!  Plus if I get to tell that means the NT scan went well!   I still feel like that's a huge hurdle I have to get over, but only TWO more days!!!

    I look like I've gained weight, not like I'm pregnant.  All of my regular clothes still fit too so I havent had to worry about buying anything yet.  We havent bought anything for the baby yet.  Have you???

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  • Yay for telling your friends in a couple of weeks. That should be  a lot of fun. I've told 3 of my friends, and DH has told 2 of his. But he's also been telling random strangers, like the cashier at the grocery store, for over a month. He's hilarious.

    I know EXACTLY what you mean about being excited to go public on fb. It feels like it kind of makes it official. LOL. Weird. I haven't decided if I'm going to out myself after we tell our fam this weekend, or after my next ultrasound on 9/18. At the rate I'm going, by the time we tell everyone I'm pregnant I'll also be able to tell them if it's a boy or a girl!

    We haven't bought anything for the baby yet, but I was a nanosecond from buying some adorable onesies I saw at Macy's this weekend. I can already tell that I'm going to go crazy on baby clothes once we know the gender.

    Just two more days until your NT scan. That is soooo exciting. I'll be counting down with you.

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