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Taught my son a super lesson!

Patrick complained about his meal numerous times last night, and I got so pissed that I had to leave the table.  I'm sick of the complaining and him being unappreciative of the time and effort I put into meals, so tonight I told him he was making dinner! 

He decided on tortelloni with a creamy pesto sauce and grean beans.  Several times he had questions, which I answered from my computer.  Then he wanted his brother to set the table, but I told him he had to set in since that's also my job.  He told me he couldn't cook AND set the table to which I replaied, "Welcome to my world."  Finally, he had to wash the dishes, just like me.  DH and I helped dry and put them away.

I really made this punishment in anger last night, but I'm so glad I stuck to it.  I reminded him that I also shopped for 2 hours at 4 different stores just to buy the food, and I reminded him that DH and I have to do this EVERY night.  I think he got the message.

Re: Taught my son a super lesson!

  • I think you did a great job!  And perhaps if you have your boys cook one meal a week, they'll better learn to take care of themselves and also to appreciate what you do.

    Per my MIL, my DH was cooking with her since he was pretty young and he loves to cook now?he's the primary chef in our house.


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  • Awesome! I also think maybe implementing the whole setting the table thing every night might be a fair deal, especially for the nights they are not cooking.

    At 13, they can handle a basic meal, and a woman loves a guy who can cook. Great to start now!

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  • That is BRILLIANT! And I agree that they could be put to work regularly - maybe dinner every Friday? Smile

    Seriously, though. It's an excellent skill for the boys to have, and they've shown that they are more than capable. I can't wait to try this myself when ds gets old enough to use the stove.

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  • I think that's great.  Maybe you should have the boys be in charge of one meal/week.  When I was in high school my brother (who was 13 at the time), sister, and I made dinner 3 nights a week because my mom was taking college courses to finish her degree.  It was good for us, and we enjoyed it.
  • I think that is awesome and honestly, I would include your kids in the whole dinner process on a regular basis.  Have them take part in menu planning and in a part of the dinner stuff every night or at least a few nights a week - set the table one night, help cook or do the dishes other nights.  They say kids eat better when they are part of the process plus they need to learn.  You go Mom - I would totally do the same thing.
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  • What a great lesson!
  • Great job! That is awesome! I love that the punishment fit the crime. He will at least think before he speaks and I agree with PP that you should include them regularly. It's good for them :o).

  • That'll do, mom.  That'll do.

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  • What a great lesson! Last night I was actually thinking of doing the same thing for my husband. He's been a PITA about dinner and meals lately. I'm this close )( to going on a cooking strike. Unfortunately he gets home from work late so if I don't make dinner, and wait on him, we wouldn't eat until 7:30 which is too late.
  • imagePesky:

    That'll do, mom.  That'll do.


  • Clearly, you think better when angry than I do!  I certainly wouldn't have come up with that rad solution.  The best part of it, I think (esp if you make this an ongoing thing) is that it makes them involved in food choices and I really think it's important for kids to start thinking about food and healthy choices so they don't grow up refusing to eat anything but pizza and chicken nuggets.  I noticed they chose a vegetable, too...nice.  :)
  • Ha!  What a great lesson.  Everyone takes us for granted!  And though they say "they admire us" and "great job"  they never will truly get it.
  • Brilliant!

    Not a bad plan to delegate dinner at least once a month or so just to keep the lesson fresh! 

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