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So stressed out: Not baby related

First off, I love my family and friends, I really do............but sometimes I feel that 1,200 miles away isn't far enough away from them.

DH's best friend, whom I can't stand and haven't been able to stand since HS, is coming to visit this weekend from Texas. He booked his ticket and THEN let us know he was coming. Well all he does is drink, drink, and drink some more to the point where he is just a complete @ss hole. He is flying in on Thursday and leaving Sunday.

Well my Dad called me and told me that my brother called him and wants him to come up this weekend also. I love my Dad to death and every chance I get to see him, I jump at it, but it's just not a good weekend! We have a 3 story, 3 bedroom, 3 bath house and there will be 4 of us here with DH's friend, my Dad making 5. Well my poor Dad is going to get a hotel room with my brother.

I would so rather DH's stupid friend get a hotel. He drives me crazy.

And one of my BFF's is coming in October with her 3 y/o. Well that is all fine and dandy but I will be full time with my job by then, so I will have zero vacation and she is also coming the week before I will be in Mexico for a week. I am so stressed with all these people coming!

Oh and my Dad and Aunt are also coming at the end of September.

(All of these people are coming from Texas)

I just wanna lock the door and tell them to go home!!! I know I'm a horrible friend...........Ugh.

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