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Just wanted to check in and see how it's going at your new job?  Have you shared the news yet?  Mason and I are coming to see my Mom tomorrow, she has been setting up the ece library. Will you be there?


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  • I just started today!  I was so nervous about telling David and Sandy. He was actually great about it, I told him I wanted to take time off and then come back, he was like, ok sounds great.. Sandy was excited, too.  Made me feel so much better;)  I was not looking forward to telling them, worried they would be upset that they had hired me, etc.  But it went fine!  I'm planning on just telling people that I see again and again as it comes up now.

    What's your mom's name?  She is an EA, right? 

    I will be at the school around 9, probably there until at least 3pm.  Sandy's room is new this year, it's the room that is closest to the principal's office, towards the right of the front doors.

    Come say hi and meet me "IRL" ;)

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  • Did they give you a tour of the school?  My Mom is in the upper campus, she is a preschool asst, her last name starts with a R.  She is working with 2 teachers, they do job share, Mrs. Rittell and Mrs. Gary.   We are suppose to meet my Mom a little before noon, I usually go by and see Chris at the front desk, so I will stop by your room.  Is Smith your married name?
  • Yes, I got a tour earlier this week.  Maddie Smith is my (married) name.  I got to see the preschool and prek rooms, as well.  I am excited to really get to know everyone!
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  • Cool, we will stop by a little before noon.  I will be the one chasing down an energized 2 year old. :)
  • Dumb me question... your first name is Caldwell?  Right or is that some other person with a c in their screen name? Embarrassed
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  • Yup, that is me. :) 
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