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Pregnant after a Loss


I am sorry to hear that you are spotting and on bedrest.  I have been having about every third day heavy bleeding and I am currently on bedrest too.  My OB said I will be on bedrest till I at least go three days without bleeding.  My last u/s was on friday and our little jellybean was still looking good.  However if it was up to me I would like to have an u/s every day!!!!  I have been really nervous and trying to stay positive.

I will send some prayers your way when I pray this evening!!!!

Alyssa born 6/14/05 at 8 lbs 2oz - Ashley born 3/27/10 at 6 lbs 13oz
We had 2 years of IF trying to conceive #2 and one loss during that time. We are currently trying for #3! had another loss the end of June
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Re: **Heidisean**

  • It is soo unfortunate everything we go through ttc and then this. My OB didn't seem worried at all and said since there is a nice strong hb and no internal bleeding then I shouldn't worry. But, I worry (too much sometimes). I too will send some prayers for you tonight. I always say a prayer for all the nesties every night. GL to you!
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