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Pregnant after a Loss

Dear DH...

I do not make up pregnancy safety rules just to get out of stuff... so please stop rolling your eyes when I say "It's not safe for me to do that" or "I'm not supposed to (fill in blank)"

If I were not pg, I would be perfectly capable of helping my 200 lb unsteady grandpa get out of his recliner. I'm not a wuss, but helping an unsteady man get to his feet and hoping he doesn't topple forward on top of me and LO is not something that I feel overly safe about at this point.

If you'd read the books, you'd also see that I'm not pretending to have a 3 day headache that I can't seem to get rid of with Tylenol. PG headaches are totally different that regular headaches and are rarely soothed with typical methods.

DH, If you must continue to be such an expert on me and my pg butt, then please, read the books so you have something to back up what you say... 


Your PG Hormonal Wife with a Headache 

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Re: Dear DH...

  • For my DH I would like to add:

    Feeling like Sh!t really is a reason to get out of sex...and yes, I feel like sh!t everyday.

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  • Oooo... good one. Although I'm finally feeling better, but the last time we got busy in the bedroom, we had to keep stopping so I could re-adjust my lower half... sex is tough on that stupid tailbone pain!!!
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  • Dear Dh

    Please do not for what may be the first time EVER forget your cell phone and leave me sitting here just 2 weeks from our EDD with no way of contacting you while you are teaching a karate class over 30 minutes away.  This makes me nervous.  

    Oh, and thank you for complimenting the mac and cheese I made you earlier.  I realize I have not been cooking much lately, and it was very sweet of you to say something so nice about something out of a blue box.  

     I love you!

  • Mmmmm, mac and cheese, that has been my 1 food 'safety net' so far!
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  • Dear DH-

    Please do not roll your eyes and go "ugh, really?" when I ask you do something so simple as help me put away a load of laundry.  I do every single load by myself, and sometimes when you're busy sitting on your ass watching TV I feel your time could be better spent helping me.  It would take less energy to just do it instead of trying to get me to argue about it.

     Love, your pg wife

  • If DH wasn't asleep right now, I'd show him this, lol.


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