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I do NOT like hospitals. *vent* kinda long...

I have been going back and forth with my primary care and my insurance to try and get an OB at evergreen, and finally they told me that they had found one who had an opening and that they would call me... well i hadn't heard from them for three weeks so I called and they said "oh sorry we can't see you, there are no openings" 

did they not think to call earlier and let me know that I would need to find a new doctor?? 

Now I'm freaking out because there is NO hospital anywhere around here accepting women due in October... its ridiculous. My primary care doctor is being super helpful and calling around for me, but seriously... I don't know what to do, and without DH it feels that much more overwhelming. I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off... I know I need to stop stressing but I feel like there is SO much to do before the baby comes... and having a place to HAVE the baby would make things a little bit easier.



Re: I do NOT like hospitals. *vent* kinda long...

  • That is ridiculous, I am so sorry you are going through this.
  • Are you serious?  That seems completely absurd!  Have you thought of going to overlake?  Dr Haines is incredible over there, and he almost always delivers his patients so you wouldn't end up with someone strange when it came time to deliver without dh there.  Your on tri-care right through the military?
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  • Can't you log on to your insurance company website and get a list of doctors you can see and start calling around?  We have tricare and we can pretty much see whatever doctor we want...
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  • I'm sorry Sad It boggles the mind that the insurance company/hospital/doctor's office would all be so flippant about someone who is two months from delivery!  I could see it not being such a rush issue if you were early in the PG, but this late in the game?  Thats unacceptable!  I agree with pp, can you get into your insurance company's primary care provider's directory and just start calling around?  
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    Can't you log on to your insurance company website and get a list of doctors you can see and start calling around?  We have tricare and we can pretty much see whatever doctor we want...

    susan maybe you could refer her to your ob?

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  • My friend who's husband is also in the Coast Guard is pregnant, she is seeing a doc in Mill Creek (too far for you). I know she had a hard time finding a doc, she will be delivering at The Pavillion in Everett. 
  • I'm sure it's difficult!  Because you are only 2 months from delivery, most OBs are going to be full and won't be able to accept more patients. OBs have some of the highest malpractice insurance costs so I'm sure taking more than the recommended number of patients can get them in some really hot water. 

    I would recommend getting the list of acceptable OBs through your insurance yourself and calling instead of having your primary care doctor call.  Primary care doctors are typically so over-extended, they may not be calling all the available providers. If you explain your situation to a clinic, I bet you'll be able to find someone who can treat you.  Then you can call your primary care provider to make it official for insurance purposes.

     Good luck!

  • So who have you been seeing up til now?  

    I would call both Evergreen and Overlake and ask them what happens if you just show up in labor with no OB.   And then you could still see your primary doc right?

  • Have you checked with the Center for Women's Health at Evergreen?  They have both a midwife group and a bunch of OB's that are all awesome.  You could call and ask if any of the OBs or midwives have openings for a delivery around your due date.  (Maybe you have already contacted them, but I know a lot of people only know about the other OB clinic at Evergreen).
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